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SoftSand Rubber

SoftSand Rubber Texture Guide

This guide is useful for deciding which size particle and application method is best for your needs. It features samples of the four different sizes as well as four painted samples created by the broadcast method and four by the mix'n go method. It sells for only $9.95, which includes shipping and handling, and is sent by US Priority Mail. In addition, we'll provide a voucher for $4.95 off your first purchase of SoftSand Rubber particles.

Asper Grit Texture Guide

This guide features the two different sizes of Asper Grit particles applied using the mix'n' go method along with two small sample bags of the particles. It sells for $7.95, which includes shipping and handling, and is sent by US Priority Mail. In addition, we'll provide a voucher for $4.95 off your first purchase of Asper Grit particles.

Softsand - Feel the Difference

Rubber Texturizing Agent for Paint

When you need a grip with a soft touch... 

SoftSand particles are rubber granules that offer a softer alternative to sand and other hard materials when used in non-skid applications. SoftSand rubber particles will help provide a comfortable, skid resistant surface, and will work in most urethane, epoxy, and acrylic coatings. SoftSand rubber particles can also be blended together, and used with paints to provide truly unique, functional and decorative coatings. ORDER NOW or Read more...

Asper Grit - Anchor Your Every Step

Water clear Polymeric Non-Skid Additive for Paint

When you need a grip that grabs you... 

Asper Grit particles are polymeric granules for non-skid applications where maximum asperity and traction is the goal. While most other polymer based non-skid additives are based on relatively soft polyethylene waxes, Asper Grit was selected from a thermoset polymer family that is known for its hardness and toughness. It is an excellent alternative to traditional sand as it does not contain free crystalline silica. It also weighs less than sand so it doesn't settle as quickly when pre-mixed with paints. ORDER NOW or Read more...

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